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October 24, 2011


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I have struggled for so long and try to go 100% gluten free...I have Hash's and now very sick for 8 months. Tough road and think I'll look for a local support group on gluten. So many symptoms cross over to other illnesses. Enjoy your info! Thank you!

Dr. Boydston


It can be a struggle ... it's great that you are making an effort :) There are some other things that really need to be looked at.

Send me an email at docboydston@gmail.com and we can discuss further.


What about Gluten free Oats? Or rice? I've been eating NO gluten for almost 2 months and have noticed a difference in my digestive system, but I wondered about the other grains... Thanks

Dr. Boydston


Theoretically as long as the oats are certified gluten free oats ... then they should be OK.

Many patients also suffer with Leaky Gut Syndrome and as part of the program we create for patients involves a grain free diet for a period of time depending on the unique situation.

Dr. B

Yvonne Brown

I am 55 yrs old and I have had Hashimoto's for almost 15 years. Despite taking my thyroid replacement faithfully I have been getting sicker and sicker; I just know it. It is hard to put the way I feel into words. I got so desperate I went gluten free a week ago! My problem is I still feel bad and I have not lost a single pound even though I am not eating rice or potatoes either! Sincerely, Yvonne

Dr. B


It saddens me that you feel going gluten free is an act of desperation. This should have been the first thing you were advised to do.

Dr. B


I have been struggling with fatigue, brain fog and hair loss. After taking 3 months of Levothyroxine, Endo says the blood works are normal. But my symptoms are still there. What test do I take to find if I have Hashimoto.

Clover Stein

I just got diagnosed with Hashimoto's. My TSH came back at 66 and the Dr. is prescribing what I feel is a ton of Levothyroxine - 125 mcg. There has got to be a better way I think. So, I search and I find you and I watch the video.. "are you really gluten free?" I have known for years that I have a gluten intollerance, but I've managed to continue eating it, not realizing the damage I was doing to my body. Your video spoke to me. I now have hope. I can beat this thing.

Dr. Boydston


The test to determine if you have Hashimoto's is a blood test checking for TPO Antibodies and TBG antibodies.

Dr. B


Hello, I recently got tested for microsomal ab and the result came.back portraying high levels of the previously mentioned antibodies. I also was tested for T4 and TSH but came back in normal ranges. I am a healthy (slightly overweigh 22 years old woman and trying to get pregnant for about a year with my husband. I am very frustrated and angry because I havent been able to concieve. Other thing I think you should know i have also polycistic ovaries. How can I control this and hiw can I achieve becoming a mother. Is there any treatment or medicine I can use in order to overcome this?

Dr. B

The polycystic ovaries are usually secondary to increased testosterone secondary to insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance is a pre-diabetic condition that approached from a nutritional perspective.

- Dr. B

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